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About Joe Wells

Joe Wells made his name as a political comedian with critically acclaimed Fringe shows including 'Night Of The Living Tories', '10 Things I Hate About UKIP' and 'I Hope I Die Before I Start Voting Conservative', in recent years he has found online and live success with more personal material about mental health and being autistic.

Joe is a favourite amongst other comedians and has supported Frankie Boyle, Alexei Sayle and Stephen K Amos.

In 2020 Joe went viral with his stand up clip 'Joe Wells on having a non-autistic brother' which gained over 4.5 million views across Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube. With more clips gaining views in the millions since Joe now has 135k social media followers across platforms.

In 2023 Joe embarked on his first solo tour selling out venues of up to 300.

Joe’s new podcast Neurodivergent Moments with Abigohliah Shamaun is available here.



BBC One, Have I Got News For You, Chairs Script

BBC Three Quickies, What If We Treated Fly Transformation The Way We Treat Mental Health?

BBC Two, Frankie Boyle’s New World Order



UKTV, Rosie Jones’ Disability Comedy Extravaganza.

C4 - Jokes only a neurodivergent person can tell.

BBC Sounds Access All Areas - Panelist

The Comedy Guide To Life, Dave Social Media

BBC Three Quickies, What If We Treated Fly Transformation The Way We Treat Mental Health? - The Fly

BBC Two, Ouch! Storytelling Live - Storyteller

BBC Two, South Today - Interviewee



Art Fund, Meet Me At The Museum Podcast - Guest Comedian

Amnesty International, HumanTV - Performer



Differently Wired: 30 Neurodivergent People Who You Should Know, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Expected 2022

Touch and Go Joe: An Adolescents experience of OCD, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2005



Joe Wells: I Am Autistic

‘if you’re Autistic, I would highly recommend that you go and see this show – you’re going to love it. If you’re not Autistic, I need you to go and see this show’

★★★★ North West End

‘a Fringe-must-see’

★★★★★ Neurodiverse Review


Joe Wells: Doesn't Want To Do Political Comedy Anymore

i Newspaper The festivals best 10 comedy acts chosen by comedians

‘Another excellent show from Joe Wells… interesting ideas, funny lines, running gags and tying it all up in a satisfying conclusion’ ‘original and brilliant observations which are as funny as they are insightful.’ Stand Up Weekly

‘Great rhythm, a very high gag rate, and some wicked misdirections.’ Chortle


I Hope I Die Before I Start Voting Conservative

"If you're feeling Stewart Lee's absence at the Fringe this year, try this clever, funny hour on how ageing impacts a person's political views. It's thoughtful comedy with some big laughs." British Comedy Guide

Broadway Baby


10 Things I Hate About UKIP

"He handles heavy topics with the care they require and shows comedy doesn’t need to harm people: indeed, it’s all the better for not doing so." ThreeWeeks


Night of The Living Tories 

“Blessed with a natural comic timing, Wells has a remarkable gift of laying it down to the audience with confidence and integrity. This show is a genuine hidden treasure of the Fringe and Wells is much more than the usual fist-in-the-air outrage merchant. Clever, insightful and funny, well structured jokes are set up and delivered intelligently and candidly. Top stuff.” Chortle

"Night of the Living Tories offers up a battery of good jokes about our bad government." The Guardian

“This show is accessible for the political novice. Wells’ ability to both deal with sophisticated political dialogue without losing outsiders along the way is a testament to his skills as a comic. This is a cheeky, intelligent and well crafted hour of political comedy with punch.” Broadway Baby

Theatre Reviews

“A very talented fellow." London Is Funny

“He brought to life the dark past (and present) of the Tory party with humour. I found myself hanging on to his every word." EdFringe

"In the debut outing for his Night Of The Living Tories show, Wells showed why he is one the finest young political comics doing the rounds; he's bold, cutting and, at times, ruthless." Brighton Argus

"I should tell you that he is “one to watch for the future”, but honestly, he’s more than that he is one to watch now." We Love Brighton 

"Wells is set to go far with this level of quality in new material." Total Politics 


Other press

“Joe’s charming ability to highlight the ideological pitfalls of sexism, racism and fascism is frankly intimidating, complimented by his outbursts silencing any bigoted argument in this verbal quest for equality. Refuting his physical likeness to a “Tory-boy” he then waded in further by unravelling political systems, using horror film analogies to bring clarity to complex issues. These dark comparisons, lightened by Joe’s relatively calm demeanour, were well delivered, accurate and praised by an army of laughter. I should point out Joe is a Marxist, I should point out Joe is an award winning comic and I should tell you that he is “one to watch for the future.” But honestly, he’s more than that, he is one to watch now.” We Love Brighton

"In the debut outing for his Night Of The Living Tories show, Wells showed why he is one the finest young political comics doing the rounds; he's bold, cutting and, at times, ruthless. At his peak he was unstoppable, especially when it came to race. He turned Bernard Manning jokes on their head - cleverly swapping the butt of them from black people to Conservatives – while later brilliantly belittling the “ain’t no black in the Union Jack” chant so favoured by the BNP and EDL." The Argus 

"A tight and confident set with some exceedingly clever moments." Fest 

"A star of the future. Some of the most surprising and thought-provoking material coming from any comedian in his early 20s." The Guardian 

"Highly original, inspired and suitably different from the rest of the crowd. Brilliantly crafted jokes." Comedy Central 

"A real venom in his delivery seemed to communicate that the numerous laughs that he manages to obtain are just positive collateral to the message he is trying to portray" Broadway Baby

"A tight confident set with some exceedingly clever moments." Broadway Baby

"A much-needed voice against hypocrisy as well as a wonderfully talented stand-up comedian, Joe Wells uses his comedy to burst a gigantic hole in the sides of homophobia, misogyny and racism while still managing to remain funny throughout." Portsmouth Evening News  



Guide Award Winner Best Comedy 2013, 2017 & 2018

Runner Up Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2012

Finalist New Act Of The Year (formerly Hackney Empire) 2011

Winner Comedy Central Funniest Student 2010 

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